Antonio Gliottone


Angel Without Wings



I was born on 11th March 2003 and I live in Caianello, a few meters away from Angela Maria Antuono's house.........
My closeness to photography was so random. Since I was a child I supported Bice, Angela's mother, in painting's works.
One day Angela asked me to help fix up some photographs on a table, as I reordered the photos I observed all of them one after another, since the photographic subjects were my relatives. Angela saw me interested in observing the pictures, and she tested me with a few shots.
Then, on Christmas 2014 Angela Maria Antuono gave me a camera as a present, so I started taking pictures, Angela liked them so other people did too, and I was asked to do a photo exhibition, so now here I am......... This made me realize that things done casually are the most beautiful; in fact I started like this just randomly... With the creation of the cultural association "La Casa di Bice", I had the opportunity to know people and artists as diverse as Andrea Danani (Andan), Pasquale Palmieri, and others, who gave me great motivation.