Bianca Romanella - Michela Petoletti





My name is Bianca Romanella. I was born in 1972, in the region of Marche. From there I took and I cherish the great simplicity of this land.
Photography and its fine characters have always fascinated me, yet I recently started my personal "photography path" (both digital and analog) searching for originality and new cues for contemplation and introspection. My life occupation is concerning a completely different field.

My name is Michela Petoletti. I am a painter, illustrator and art therapist. I have a dual soul: I'm in the pursuit of one equilibrium point between lightness and density, stillness and dynamism, descriptiveness and creative freedom. I organize personal and collective art exhibitions and I cooperate as illustrator with Electa-Mondadori, Hachette-Rusconi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Legami... I also create drawing for Emergency, MSF and I work as a teacher.