Bianca Romanella - Michela Petoletti

This work was conceived from the brilliant idea of illustrator Michela Petoletti.
She decided to step in my photos lightly, to bring a sense of introspection to the perception of the lake. She merged the photography world into the illustration one with a minimal and fresh style.
Her characters arrived in an unexpected, yet pleasant way. They started to wander and to get accustomed on their tiptoe warming the atmosphere up.
We let the unique leading character of the lake suggest us the right time and rhythm for our thoughts, with its calm and contemplative soul, which embraced us in sense of unity.
What at first glance seems a real and recognizable place turned into a less definite and ordinary state; a true non-lieu of the soul.
The project underwent an additional evolution the moment five writers saw the photos and identified themselves with the atmosphere of Dilagando.