Claudio Parentela


...Storie di Plutone e di ratti Punx e altre storie ancora...



I am 56 years old .... I am a calabrian artist and free lance journalist .... I am wild, lonely and harsh like my beautiful land.... full of beautiful , remote, places splendidly and sweetly wild. I have been creating for 25 years or more in international artistic scene ... my work ... that piece by piece, I love and build day by day joyfully and freely. My work is anarchic, fiercely independent and free & libertarian, chaotic, immediate colorful and in black and white.I love the contrasts and the dispersed, separated, irreconcilable, extreme, tearing and delicate emotions . I painted, drawn, photographed only in black and white for 15 years.The color was a natural and urgent necessity. I like to experiment with everything I have under hand and that makes me feel free.