Gianni Grattacaso


Abstract Nature
Polaroid 2

Polaroid 3



I was born in 1952, in Paestum-Capaccio, a small town rich of history and myths, in the south of Italy.
At the moment i'm living and working in Agropoli, in "National Park of Cilento", a place that inspires most part of my work.
Photographer from ever and ever, I'm very "curious" and attentive to my inner expressive language.
Since seventies, i began to test innovative photographic materials, as well as the the capability of photography of being not only a descriptive media, but the beginning to produce Art without boundaries.
I shot everything but I prefer landscapes. I like wide open spaces and the beauty of the nature. I like to take time before shot, to contemplate alone in silence.
I want to keep in contact with the universe untill i feel it.
I like dramatic atmosphere and the abstraction from reality that i find in black and white photography, but suddenly I nearly discovered Polaroid.