Marco Cocconi






Marco Cocconi is a well known jazz bass player, but he's also a passionate photographer. Attracted by fine art aesthetics of masters such as Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna, he improved his technique and style lead by landscape photographers Colin Homes (Scotland) and Mark Voce (England), increasing his skills on digital, large format and medium format film.
His focus mainly concentrates on composition, since he's firmly convinced that a good picture should be created first "in-camera".
Post production is relatively simple and essential: high contrast images with magic atmospheres, long exposures which turns movement into surreal effects, natural landscapes and ancient towns, surrounded by water and fog, illuminated by daylight or wrapped in the shadows of night.
Printing is an important element in his work, which he personally realizes by means of fine art photo papers.
Equipment is secondary to the result, therefore he makes no difference between using digital or analog cameras, in a unique complementary approach, from shooting to final print.

"I love to draw a parallel between music and photography. With my bass I use to play notes that underline a composition, whereas with my camera I can visualize guide lines in a space, composing my own world into the photo frame."