Paolo Barbaresi


Opera buffa



In the early 70s, when I was 10, I began to appreciate photography, painting, charcoal and black ink drawings. Then an unexpected gift, a Polaroid camera, led me to the passion of today for photography and images in a wider sense.
I began to appreciate photographers like Ghirri, Fontana, Egglestone, Penn, painters like Hopper and Sacchi.
I'm driven by the desire of new experiments; In my works, I always try to make clear what influences me: my culture, places and the music I listen to.
My photography range goes from instant images to those with the pinhole; I love analog photography but I don't dislike working in digital; when I can I spend time in the dark room as well. Making the beauty of this art known is a part of photography of no less importance.
I like the metaphysical and conceptual art applied to photography, the black and white is the intimate of an image the deep place where expression is pure soul, the essence of the image.
I took part in several exhibitions, I've taken photographs for the cover of an album and for magazines, I founded a photo group "ArtPhotographyGroup" and I collaborate with various Italian Photographic Associations.