Paolo Fiaccadori


London 1970
Long long time ago in Orient
Frames of suburbs



I was born in 1948 under the sign of Libra and this maybe explains something of my aesthetic sense. Beautiful things and especially images have alwais fascinated me since when, as a child. I thumbed through the publications of Touring Club Italiano with the photographs of Alinari's, Oscar Ghedina and many others.
I started to take pictures with the Comet Bencini of my father. In 1963 I was given of a wonderful Exacta Varex.
Over the years of my working activities the passion for photography felt almost completely asleep and it awoke again with the advent of the digital photography and thanks to more free time.
I do not dislike any kind of photography but what I love especially is the street photography in black and white. I like to catch special situations and emphasize a slight irony as (possibly) Elliott Erwitt does.