Paolo Fiaccadori
 Long long time ago in Orient

Some time ago, I came across several old photo negatives at a local antiques market, about 200 of them, in a very good state, size 10x15cm.
The images show Far East places (mostly India but also Egypt, Japan and perhaps some other countries too) and they seem to be taken by someone who knew those places perfectly well and lived there for some professional reason. The idea that came to my mind is that the author of the photos might have held some sort of diplomatic responsibilities in the Far East places.
Of course, this is just a selection of the 200 photos. One of them shows an ink written sign, a date and a signature: "'I January 1935 A. Jachino", the photo is not included here, though. The ship turns out to be the Armando Diaz cruiser and the signature is by Angelo Jachino, the Commander, whose biography can be found online.
According to Wikipedia, Angelo Jachino took part in numerous missions, also as a Commander of Armando Diaz cruiser on the occasion of one of the propaganda cruises abroad. I like to think that these photos tell the story of that trip.