Rosario Puglisi


Cielo E Terra
The Chairs Of The Time
The Lands Of August
Without The Sky



Since I have been a photo amateur for many years I'm still very fond of film and old analog cameras. Hasselblad and it's square format is my favourite, although I also use 35 mm format cameras. I don't like digital photography. It is completely different from my vision of photography.
I don't consider myself a photographer. It isn't my profession, but passion.
While photographing landscapes, which are my favourite subject, I am trying to express my connection with surroundings but also my feelings about the signs that the man leaves.
I found myself very close to great photographers like Mario Giacomelli, Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. Their work inspired me to create my own vision.
I never considered to make an exhibition of my photographic work, or to make a book of it. I do not think I am able to do it. I used to give my photos, as a gift, to those who admire them, rather than sell them.
My photographing process is slow. I like it that way. I like to visualize the photo in my mind, before I take it and I like to search for the light that I imagined. It is the light that caresses the land and shows it's true beauty. For my photos I don't use the digital post production. The photo should be good from the moment of taking.
Good Light to everyone.