Stefano Cavazzini


Terre basse
Paesaggi murali - Wall painting view



My name is Stefano Cavazzini.
I was born in 1954 in Collecchio, a small town on hills in the south of Parma, where "Pianura Padana" ends and slopes of Tosco-Emiliano apennines begins.
At the beginning of 70'es I definitely moved to Parma.
I was living on the countryside since I was young and there I developed a big love for nature spirits that I tried to immortalite with drawing, painting and in a second time with the photography. It was the first of 80'es when I devoted to nature reportage and often to the reportage obtaining good results.
At that time I wasn't satisfied at all of what i was doing. Inside of me I felt incomplete, I just needed my own imprint. I had the impression to appropriate myself of an image that was still ready to be taken and to be proposed, exactly the same as it was.
At the end I never understood which was my worth.
Finally, some years ago, I was lucky to follow and then personally know some abstract photographers that originates a very stimulating and constructive comparison that encouraged me to search my own artistic vision.
Gradually I have been conquered by abstract and creative photography and above all by black and white that personally I think it should have more expressive potentiality than teh color.
Today my works exclusively regards two themes that always fascinate myself: the search of sphere of unconscious and the rediscovering of the nostalgia and the silence of the things. I could never do without preferring the esthetic and artistic side of my pictures, always adding a few of my personal esthetic vision.