Stefano Grandi



Farm Ruins



I have always been fascinated by art and nature when I finished my studies at The Artistic High School in 1990, I started to travel. I began to take an interest in the the world of photography buying my first reflex, a Canon EOS 300 analogical. I started to learn the basics of taking photos in particular with slides during my travels. The following year I attended a photography club "La Ghiacciaia" Marengo (Mantua - Italy) where I met the person - Gian Carlo Spazzini - who I thank for teaching me everything I know in the photography field and where I was able to "dirty my hands" in the dark room. In the following years I moved onto digital where I channelled my experience without abandoning the roll of film and analogical. I have never partecipated in any photography competitions because I live photography as a hobby where I can express myself without any competition or league. Art is a necessity for me not a competition. Nowadays I try to explore as much as possible this fascinating world getting closer to innovative techniques and styles of photography, Artaboo is this the possibility to learn giving visibility to someone who has something to say.